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I've started an ASSETS LIBRARY at a free file-hosting site:


These assets will be VIDEO CLIPS and STILL IMAGES extracted from DVDs of the Star Trek animated series DVDs. These files will be the building blocks for the storyboards, the animatic, and the final animated film we are making.


Anyone with some experience ripping video from DVDs and editing/exporting video files can help out. What follows is a description of the workflow I'm using, and links to some free software that can help:




1. GET YOUR HANDS ON THE DVDs of *Star Trek: The Animated Series.* If you live in the USA, you can rent them on NetFlix. You may be able to rent them elsewhere as well. Another possibility is finding the box set on eBay. Not too expensive, and you could always sell it or give it as a gift to your favorite Trekkie.


2. Use *MacTheRipper* to EXTRACT VOB FILES from an episode of the show:

If you are using a PC, there is probably similar software available that extracts the VOB files from DVDs. (Links anyone?) 


3. POST A MESSAGE on the Discussion Boards to let the group know what episode you are working on. We have to communicate so we don't duplicate each other's efforts. I am working on Disk 1, Episode 1 currently. 


4. VOB files can't be edited directly. CONVERT YOUR VOB file TO A QUICKTIME MOVIE FILE with *MPEG Streamclip* (available in a Mac or Windows version here: )

Make sure you have some space available on your hard drive: once converted, each episode will be about 10 GB.


5. SLICE UP YOUR EPISODE INTO INDIVIDUAL SHOTS. I do that by opening the Quicktime file in Final Cut Pro. Then I set the IN and OUT points and use "Export Using Quicktime Conversion." Export a .mov file at full size (640 x 480 pixels) at the highest quality setting, using H.264 compression. Save the audio as a mono track.


6. NAME THE FILE: it's VERY important (!) we all use the same naming protocol for files:


Here's the file naming protocol:



    1      2       3         4                   5


1. Person/persons or object featured

2. Camera Angle: CU, MS, WS, etc

3. Location

4. action or any additional description

5. DVD disk # and episode # the shot comes from


7. EXPORT A STILL FRAME from your clip. Save a PICT file and a high-quality JPEG. Use the exact same name as you did for the .mov clip, but using the .pct and .jpg suffix. (Why do this? The PICT file is for people who might edit the image in Photoshop, to create a new background plate for instance. The JPEG serves as a viewable thumbnail of the same-named video file. Without it, the only way to see what a video clip looked like would be to download and play it.)


8. UPLOAD your files to the assets library! Send me a message and I'll send you the log-in information so you can upload files. Thanks!

-John Harden


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