In a professional animation pipeline, the next step would be to produce a storyboard based on the script, once this has been finalised. Then produce a soundtrack (even a rough version), followed by an animatic.

I'd like to volunteer for some of this work, if no-one else is stepping forward, providing the script has been cleared.

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Thanks John, for volunteering! As soon as I lock the script you can have at it. Meanwhile, if you know other animators, or others who'd be interested I encourage you to spread the word: we need recruits!

Sounds like you are pretty familiar with the animation workflow. Did you look at the flow chart I posted? If you have any comments/suggestions I'd like to hear 'em.

I'm currently reviewing the pool of voice talent that has contacted me. More female than male contenders so far, so I may send out a new call.

-John H



I looked at the flow chart. There's no mention of a storyboard (hence the question mark in the topic heading), and there's no sense of the constant revisions and 'looping' in the editing process involved. I'm not sure of the structure, either -- in flow charts I've seen, separate lines of development are the result of questions -- eg., IF something, THEN something else. Maybe I'm being pedantic, but it's not obvious what the separate lines mean here.

That said, all the boxes look like they are in the right places!

With regard to other animators, I'm afraid I just work away in my little shed without much reference to the outside world! I'll ask around, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

I'm not volunteering for the voice acting pool, either -- I have a flat Northern English accent, which I don't think fits in with any of the crew!!

Edited Sat, Mar 20, 2010 12:47 AM

John O and John H,

John B here. Waaaayyy too many Johns in this group. I am an animator/board artist/Illustrator. I have worked on cartoons series, commercials, feature films as a board artist. I can lend a hand at the boarding sequences as well as the animation process later. What would make the process faster is if we had more than one guy on this. So John O and I could break up the script and tackle separate sequences and then come together later and show off to the group. In what John O said, there will need to be scratch dialog for us as board artists to get our timing down for the animatic. Also, getting some expressions down for the boards.

@John O - I use Toon Boom Story Board Pro now. I love the application. I started using it on a whim and love what I can do with it. It take a lot of the hard work out of the boarding process. Plus its all digital so I cna send PDFs and quicktime movies of the animatics with sounds afterwards.

I'd like to discuss more of the particulars at a later date but I'm with John O on the work flow and some of the other stuff we need to take care of.

Hey, John B. Yes, there is a superabundance of Johns round about now... If you have worked commercially as a board artist, and have pro software, maybe I'd better defer to you in this area. I have the Springboard program (reasonably effective, and also good for animatics, as you can import a soundtrack) -- but it's not pro level, and I wouldn't be able to swap files or anything, unfortunately. Nice to have someone else around!

Thanks John. I still want to get together and talk about this. Maybe we can hit it up on the 12th. Or meet some other day of the week justthose who are interested in this part. Anyway, I will be there on the 12th so we can bash our heads to death on this then.


What's happening on the 12th? Did I miss the memo!? I understand John H. has still not signed off on the script yet -- so far, I haven't done a damn thing. Been waiting for him to get back about progress. But would love to chat about it anyway. I just bought "Star Trek - The Animated Series" last week (PAL version) for £18 -- not bad for a four-DVD set. The animation is appalling, but then I knew it would be, because it was made at Filmation, and I've been reading about the Filmation studios recently...


John O., I believe John B. is talking about the film group we both belong to & first met at, Northern California Independent Media. It has an upcoming meeting on April 12. Re-reading his message, I think he may have gotten confused as to which John he was talking to. Maybe we should start using last names: Hey Baumgarten! Harden here. Oakley ain't coming to the meeting, he's in friggin' England man!

But - your comment about the DVD set is timely. The big difference between ST:JAN and traditional animation is that we want to repurpose characters and backgrounds that exist whenever possible. So even before storyboarding, I think step 1 is culling through the DVDs and building a library of stock angles, of the various Enterprise sets and characters we can use. Skim through the episodes and pull frame-grabs: "MS Kirk in his command chair," things like that. Obviously some things will have to be created from scratch, too.

Ha ha! Yeah, OK Harden, Oakley here...

Now I am confused -- some seriously crossed wires here! Baumgarten involved in ST:JAN, or is this a misunderstanding? (Just re-read the previous sentence - it sounds like a kid pretending to be a spy!)

How finished is the script, exactly? I have wasted a lot of time in the past, working on stuff that wasn't ready, and finding that the final version is quite different... but I can certainly start out by pulling as many generic shots as I can, based on the current version of the script.

One thing we haven't discussed is the film proportion - do you have any preferences? (16:9, 4:3 etc...). Personally, I like 16:10 -- it's easy to produce - 640 x 400 for example, and it's a good compromise between wide screen and classic 4:3 formats. But if others feel differently, I wouldn't defend it to the death or anything...! It would help to have a decision fairly soon though, before a lot of storyboards/animatics get produced!

Oakley out.

Edited Fri, Apr 2, 2010 12:36 PM

Reactivating the Storyboard thread...

Oakley wants to get rolling on the storyboard -- Baumgarten, can you two put your heads together and decide on method and division of labor?

Thanks Johns!

Edited Tue, May 11, 2010 9:38 AM

Yes, I would like to get this rolling too. I do want to work on the boards. Oakley, let's figure this out. Harden spoke of splitting the script right down the middle. That works for me. my email is contact me through this thread or through my email.  Thanks. Baum.

Hi John B.,

I don't mind which half I get! You take half the pie, and I'll have the other half. Do you have any prefernces for format, use of software etc.? I'm on the Windows platform (Vista and XP). The only dedicated storyboard software I have is 'Springboard', but I do have Photoshop 7 and Flash 8. Or I can just work on good ol' pencil & paper... Any thoughts?

John O.


I can take the back half of the pie. I've apparently lost my copy of the script. Will need to download a new one. We just need to figure out where to split the script and get on this.

I use toon boom storyboard so I can generate a PDF of everything after I create it. I can also generate a quicktime of the animatic when i'm done too. I am also on a windows XP opsys so we should be able to communicate easily. I would suggest saving everything as either a PDF or JPEG. that should be fine.

I'll contact you again once I download a new script and have a look at it.



Springboard can output to HTML, sequential bitmaps (inc. JPEGs) or an AVI movie. I've printed out the final script (18 pages), and halfway is roughly just after the crew have played hot potato with the phaser, and the creature disappears into the bulkhead, at the top of page 10.

In PAL format, the images are 720 x 576 pixels -- I guess this doesn't matter much with storyboards, but when it comes to animatics or the full-blown animation we may have to agree on converting everything down to 640 x 480...

Looking forward to it.


I think that 640x480 would work best. I can also convert to PAL format as well or take yours and converty to NTSC. I've got all the programs for it. So I take it that I'll start after the creature goes into the vent or when the creature goes into the vent? No matter. I'll start there and we cna merge the sequences after that. Looking forward to getting this going.


Hi guys, how's it going? Just wanted to let you know I uploaded some more clips & stills to the assets library. A variety of shots of Enterprise and some new angles on Uhura and Bones. Some of these might be useful for the storyboards.

I hope to have some news on casting by next week.



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