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  • How to contribute to the ASSETS LIBRARY

    Posted by John / on 05/11/2010 / 0 Comments

    I've started an ASSETS LIBRARY at a free file-hosting site:



    These assets will be VIDEO CLIPS and STILL IMAGES extracted from DVDs of the Star Trek animated series DVDs. These files will be the building blocks for the storyboards, the animatic, and the final animated film we are making.


    Anyone with some experience ripping video from DVDs and editing/exporting video files can help out. What follows is a description of the workflow I'm using, and links to some free software that can help:




  • Trying to get things rolling again

    Posted by John / on 01/22/2010 / 0 Comments

    So there's been a long hiatus since last summer when I set this project up here at Groupsite and also over at

    The good news is, most of the delay was because a feature screenplay I co-wrote made the finals in the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. In October my writing partner Skot and I went to Austin and our script won a coveted Bronze Typewriter Award in the sci-fi category.

    Since then we've been working on a re-write, and fielding inquiries from agents, managers and producers. 

    Despite all this success, I still feel compelled to push forward ..

  • Casting for voice talent

    Posted by John / on 08/21/2009 / 0 Comments

    The casting call is going out this weekend, to all the following:





    star trek: phase 2 forums

    my yahoo! film groups (my website)

    and direct emails to people I know (actors, casting agents, filmmakers)

    It's already up on craigslist, feel free to forward this link:

    The message goes something like the following:

    Now casting VOICE TALENT for animated short film "Star Trek: Just Ad Nauseum"

    Can you do Spock? Is your Shatner dead-on? Animated comedy fan film now casting voice talent for Kirk, Spock, the whole gang.

    Characters needed:

    Dr. ..

  • No really, what's this all about? (the longer version)

    Posted by John / on 08/07/2009 / 0 Comments


    Back in 2004 I was making a film called La vie d'un chien. For that film, I needed various very specific photographs of Paris street scenes. Night-time, deserted streets, old brick buildings... not the kind of thing you can find on a stock photography site.

    Not having the budget to go to Paris, I used the internet. Placing ads on, I recruited photographers who actually lived and worked in Paris. I emailed them animatics - animated storyboards. These little Quicktime movie files represented sequences from the film.

    The photographers went out, found suitable locations, matched the angles, ..


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